This section explores the deeper meanings behind the artwork in the LimitedEdition and Collages&Illustrations sections of the portfolio, incorporating my text and poetry.


If you look closely, you will see that the postcards were created using a variety of bank notes from around the world, to include countries as far flung as Argentina, Mexico, Mauritius, the USA and South Africa.  Less exotic, but also featured are bank notes from Italy, the Netherlands and Brussels.  My father collected these bank notes on his many and varied travels; most of these notes cannot be exchanged or are so old that they are no longer in circulation, so rather than discard them, I thought I’d recycle them.  In doing so, I present these as a tribute to my late father, each postcard carrying with it memories of an avid traveller who lived his life to the max. These memories are etched on paper – immortalised, they will never fade away.








I dreamed I traced your lips,
I traced the contours with my fingers,
And parted them ever so slightly.

I planted a kiss on your lips,
A soft and sensuous kiss,
And it lasted all night long until you woke…




I’m holding you tight,
Feeling the warmth,
The softness of your skin,
Hearing your breath,
Your every heartbeat.




I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach again,
And that feeling in my heart,
That makes every heartbeat that much more worthwhile.

I want to wake up smiling again,
To believe we can conquer the world together,
Just the two of us.

I want the real deal,
I want to fall in love again,
I want her to show me how good it can feel.




We face each other,
Separate entities for a while now,
Yet tempting each other in subtle ways (the coin lying on a yellow petal and the gift in the collage),
And I’m afraid of falling (lady on the top right, under the seated lady in the collage),
Of giving in,
Because I miss the intimacy,
I miss my best friend, my lover, my right hand lady,
But I know it’s not worth it,
I need to let her go,
Spread my wings and fly,
Over that rainbow again.
I’ll climb it eventually,
Feel happier,
And more myself,
More at peace (grey sculpture figure on left side of collage)…