I specialise in creating illustrations and collages of a surreal nature, generally employing very vibrant colours in their production.  My collages tend to be difficult to reproduce due to the nature of how and where I obtain my raw materials.  A few materials I have used in my work includes discarded silver earrings, key rings, feathers, dried petals, imported African beads, sea shells and false eye lashes.  I draw my inspiration from a variety of sources that I find in tribal art, folklore, sculpture, photography, fashion, and the Surrealists.  Other motivations for my work are extensive travel, life experiences and a vivid imagination.

The whole process of creating collages, of cutting and rearranging, then pasting chosen objects and images onto a canvas to create a final piece of art represents the reconstruction of my own identity.  It is as if in creating a collage I am piecing myself back together again, to return to a more stable and balanced inner core.  The work primarily focuses on and examines the strengths and frailties of the human heart, in relationships pertaining to love, and also in relationships as a whole.  Often the messages are subtle, provoking the viewer to look closely at the artwork in order to find the hidden images within the broader entity of the work.  It is upon discovering these that the viewer can then create a story within his or her mind and try to uncover its meaning; alternatively, some of my pieces are accompanied by poems which explain their fundamental truths, and can be found in the Artalysis™ section of this website.  What initially looks like a colourful, naive and straightforward piece of art, in fact captures the essence of the human psyche on a deeper level, encapsulating themes of love and fear, and other contrasting emotions.

All of the featured original artwork is sold with a personal poem or short story about the piece, handwritten and signed by me.  If you would like to commission a similar collage, illustration or postcard, just ask me and I’ll put my dexterous hands to work for you.

A framing service is available on all unframed collages and illustrations.